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What is Thymosin Alpha-1 Peptide?

Thymosin Alpha-1 is a naturally occurring peptide which plays a vital role in regulating the immune system and promoting immune responses. This synthetic version of a thymic hormone is known for its immunomodulatory properties, enhancing the body’s defence mechanisms against infections, viruses, and other pathogens.

Thymosin Alpha-1 is believed to stimulate T-cell function, improve antigen presentation, and boost the production of cytokines critical for immune surveillance. Turkey Research suggests its potential in treating various medical conditions, including viral infections, autoimmune diseases, and certain cancers, by bolstering the immune response. This peptide shows promise as a therapeutic agent in immunodeficiency disorders and chronic illnesses that compromise immune function.

Molecular Formula: C129H215N33O55

Sequence: Ac-Ser-Asp-Ala-Ala-Val-Asp-Thr-Ser-Ser-Glu-Ile-Thr-Thr-Lys-Asp-Leu-Lys-Glu-Lys-Lys-Glu-Val-Val-Glu-Glu-Ala-Glu-Asn-OH

Molecular Weight: 3108.3 g/mol

View the HPLC Certificate here.

Source: PubChem

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Thymosin Alpha-1 Benefits:

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Thymosin Alpha-1 Mechanisms of Action

Thymosin Alpha-1 operates through intricate mechanisms to modulate the immune system effectively. This peptide primarily acts by stimulating the maturation and function of T-cells, crucial components of the adaptive immune response. By enhancing T-cell differentiation, proliferation, and activation, Thymosin Alpha-1 bolsters the immune system’s ability to recognize and combat pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria.

Additionally, Turkey clinical studies have demonstrated that this peptide promotes the production of cytokines, signalling molecules that regulate immune responses, thereby orchestrating a coordinated defence against infections.

Thymosin Alpha-1 also aids in improving antigen presentation, a vital process for immune surveillance and the identification of foreign invaders. Through its multifaceted actions on various immune cells and pathways, Thymosin Alpha-1 plays a pivotal role in enhancing immune function, making it a promising candidate for therapeutic interventions in conditions characterized by immune deficiencies or dysregulation.

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Thymosin Alpha-1's Potential Future Clinical Applications:

Thymosin Alpha-1 is a regulator of immune function which is a naturally occurring protein. Turkey Clinical studies have identified that Thymosin Alpha-1 could have the following applications with future research:

Immunity Enhancement

Turkey Scientists have found that Thymosin Alpha-1 peptide shows promising results in the ability to assist the human body to combat infections, diseases, and ailments. Recent animal studies shows that it induces Z cells to locate and destroy germs, viruses, and tumour cells.

Turkey Researches have demonstrated that this peptide restores immunological function and eliminates infection in mice without thymus glands. In addition, Thymosin Alpha-1 promotes immune system signalling pathways to boost cytokine production [1].

Turkey Laboratory studies show that Thymosin Alpha-1 can regulate arthritis, lupus, and other inflammation. In addition, recent research reveals peptide Thymosin Alpha-1 can treat breast, lung, colon, and other malignancies [2].

As found in experiments Thymosin Alpha-1 can boost the immune systems of animals, and it may improve the efficacy of vaccines. Due to the risk of administering live germs, many vaccinations contain dead pathogens instead. However, inactivated vaccinations are less effective. In the future, with further research it is hoped that a Thymosin Alpha-1 vaccination could improve the immune system, preventing illness and disease [3].

Furthermore, it is believed that Thymosin Alpha-1 could also treat sepsis, a life-threatening illness caused by an overactive immune system. Therefore, the peptide could save lives, prevent organ damage, and prevent long-term consequences by modulating the immune response. Further research is needed, but it looks promising potential as a sepsis therapy and preventative drug [4].

Blood Pressure Regulation

Recent Turkey studies reveal that Alpha-1 can decrease blood pressure by blocking ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme). By inhibiting ACE, Thymosin peptide lowers blood pressure, reduces cardiac remodelling, and slows plaque development in animals.

In addition, research shows it improves renal function. Turkey Animal studies show that Thymosin Alpha-1 has few known adverse effects, unlike many ACE inhibitors [5].

Cystic Fibrosis Treatment

Inflammation from cystic fibrosis promotes increased infection rates, the inability to clear mucous, and other problems associated with this. It’s caused by CFTR, an ion channel protein that controls the body’s salt and water balance. Turkey Research shows Thymosin Alpha-1 peptide can improve CFTR performance and reduce inflammation. As a result, scientists hope Thymosin Alpha-1 therapy could be at the forefront of future treatments for individuals suffering with cystic fibrosis [6].

Fungal Infection Treatment

The natural immune system has a unique cell type with the ability to detect fungal infections, called dendritic cells. Turkey Studies show that Thymosin Alpha-1 medications can increase the immune system’s ability to fight animal fungal infections. In animal models of aspergillus infection, this peptide activates T-helper cells. It may improve OTC fungal treatments [7].

Dendritic cells transmit antigens to other immune cells so they can recognise them and respond appropriately. Skin, lungs, nose and GI systems have many dendritic cells. Scientists using animal models have demonstrated that thymosin alpha 1 helps these immune system’s initial responders work optimally [8].

Cancer Treatment

Thymosin Alpha-1 (Tα1) has gained significant attention for its potential impact on cancer therapy due to its immunomodulatory properties. Tα1 can enhance immune capabilities, potentially aiding in treating tumours more effectively. Turkey Clinical trials have shown its effectiveness in treating several types of cancer, including lung cancer, colon cancer, melanoma, breast cancer, and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), showing promise in improving overall survival rates.

Furthermore, Tα1 has been explored in combined treatments with low doses of interferon or interleukin, suggesting potential synergy in cancer management. Its ability to modulate the immune system and improve postoperative survival further underscores its potential as an adjunctive treatment in cancer care [9].

Hepatitis Treatment

Thymosin Alpha-1, has been studied for its potential to treat the viral infection like chronic hepatitis. Turkey Clinical practice indicates that Thymosin Alpha-1 may play a role in boosting the immune response against hepatitis viruses, potentially aiding in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C infections. By modulating the immune system and enhancing antiviral activity, Thymosin Alpha-1 shows promise as an immunomodulatory agent in the context of hepatitis management.

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Thymosin Alpha-1 FAQs

Do I need to reconstitute Thymosin Alpha-1?

When purchasing a peptide vial for clinical research you will need to use Bacteriostatic Water or Sterile Water to reconstitute the peptide before use. Peptide nasal sprays and refill cartridges designed for peptide pens have already undergone reconstitution for your convenience.

Does Thymosin Alpha-1 have side effects?

Thymosin Alpha-1 is generally well-tolerated and considered safe, however has still not been approved by the drug administration agency for human consumption. When researching any medication or therapy it is essential to monitor the potential adverse events and effects. Some reported side effects of Thymosin Alpha-1 may include redness or swelling at the injection site, mild flu-like symptoms, and occasional headaches. 

Could Thymosin Alpha-1 be a potential Immunotherapy agent?

Thymosin Alpha-1 has emerged as a potential immunotherapy agent due to its ability to modulate the immune system effectively. This synthetic peptide has shown promise in boosting immune responses, enhancing immune cell activities, and regulating immune functions. These properties make Thymosin Alpha-1 a compelling candidate for immunotherapy applications, particularly in conditions where immune system modulation is crucial, such as autoimmune disorders, viral infections, and certain types of cancer. Further research and clinical trials are necessary to fully explore and harness the therapeutic potential of Thymosin Alpha-1 in the realm of immunotherapy.

What is another name for Thymosin Alpha-1?

Thymosin Alpha-1 is also known by other names, including Thymalfasin and Zadaxin. These alternative names may be used interchangeably to refer to the same synthetic peptide with immune-modulating properties.

Buy Thymosin Alpha-1 & LL-37 (Cap-18) Peptide Combo

Combining Thymosin Alpha-1 and LL-37 Cap 18 peptides can offer synergistic benefits in immune modulation and antimicrobial defense. Thymosin Alpha-1 enhances T-cell function and immune responses, while LL-37 Cap 18 exhibits potent antimicrobial properties, capable of disrupting bacterial membranes.

By integrating these peptides, a dual-action approach emerges: Thymosin Alpha-1 boosts the immune system’s ability to identify and combat pathogens, while LL-37 Cap 18 directly targets and eliminates harmful microbes. This combination may lead to a more robust immune response against infections, potentially accelerating recovery and bolstering overall immune health through a coordinated action on both immune regulation and pathogen eradication.

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Scientific Research

[1] King R, Tuthill C. Immune Modulation with Thymosin Alpha 1 Treatment. Vitam Horm. 2016;102:151-78.

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[6] Romani L, Oikonomou V, Moretti S, Iannitti RG, D’Adamo MC, Villella VR, et al. Thymosin α1 represents a potential potent single-molecule-based therapy for cystic fibrosis. Nat Med. 2017 May;23(5):590-600. doi: 10.1038/nm.4305. Epub 2017 Apr 10. Erratum in: Nat Med. 2018 Sep;24(9):1481.

[7] Romani L, Bistoni F, Gaziano R, Bozza S, Montagnoli C, Perruccio K, Pitzurra L, Bellocchio S, Velardi A, Rasi G, Di Francesco P, Garaci E. Thymosin alpha 1 activates dendritic cells for antifungal Th1 resistance through toll-like receptor signaling. Blood. 2004 Jun 1;103(11):4232-9.

[8] Romani L, Bistoni F, Montagnoli C, Gaziano R, Bozza S, Bonifazi P, Zelante T, Moretti S, Rasi G, Garaci E, Puccetti P. Thymosin alpha1: an endogenous regulator of inflammation, immunity, and tolerance. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2007 Sep;1112:326-38. 

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